My name is Weston
and I am a web developer.

I am fluent in both front- and back-end coding. I develop usable and accessible front-end interfaces using web standards, including semantic HTML, CSS for layout and visual design, and JavaScript for progressive user interface enhancements.

On the server side, I use PHP and MySQL, as well as theory in database design and security.


Expertise in: PHP4-PHP5, Squarespace, Wordpress, Javascript/jQuery,

The services I offer range from PHP Web Development to full scale CMS development.

  • PHP5
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • AJAX
  • SQL
  • Wordpress
  • Squarespace
  • jQuery/Javascript
  • PSD to HTML
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

I specialize in Squarespace as a CMS. 

Treasury of Lives
Lead Developer | PHP | CodeIgniter | Custom CMS

The Treasury of Lives is a biographical encyclopedia of Tibet, Inner Asia, and the Himalayan region.  Founded in 2007 as a project of the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation, The Treasury of Lives recently established independent non-profit status. The Treasury provides an accessible and well-researched biography of a wide range of figures, from Buddhist masters to artists and political officials, many of which are peer reviewed. Website localization into Tibetan and Chinese languages in is progress in order to meet the growing numbers of users active in those languages. 

In 2015, The Treasury relaunched the site, marking the addition of in-depth maps, timelines, clan data, religious incarnation lines, and embeddable content. These new features are complemented by an improved design and user interface. We work closely with our partners at Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center, Himalayan Art Resources, and the Rubin Museum of Art to improve data and share information. 

The team at the Treasury wishes to acknowledge everyone who has collaborated to help create the site, which was originally known as The Tibetan Lineages Project. Chief among them are Matthieu Ricard and Vivian Kurz, who originally created the site with design work by Charles Forcey, and engaged the scholars who wrote the first essays. Asa Hardcastle and Weston Happ architected and coded the new site.


Arcstone Partners
Squarespace | eCommerce | Design

Arcstone has become one of the most highly respected valuation firms in the country. Members of our team have been quoted in the New York Times, the Financial TimesFortune, the LA Times, and other noteworthy publications. We have over 250 active clients, 100% of which are referenceable, and many of which are household names.  Our walls are decorated with handwritten letters from our clients praising our work and thanking us for our great service.

In service to our peers in the industry, we are charter members and executive committee members of the Fair Value Forum, a valuation think tank that focuses on the needs unique to Silicon Valley-style tech startups. We have also served as experts in highly complex litigation cases involving the pricing of secondary shares of private company stock, an emerging and evolving area of business valuation in which we are deeply experienced. 


Crissey Farm
Squarespace CMS | Analytics

We have been entertaining guests in the Berkshires since 1977. That is when we opened our first restaurant in Great Barrington. Since that time, we have served hundreds of thousands of guests. We have been successfully reviewed by the New York Times, Boston Globe, Newsday and many other respected papers. We are currently recommended by Zagat, Frommer’s Travel Guide, AAA and most recently included in Bon Appetite’s 50th Anniversary Issue (October 2006).


Apple Developer 
Mac | iOS


With the iOS SDK, you can get started developing your iOS application for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch today. Access the iOS Dev Center for a wealth of resources including videos, sample code, technical documentation, Apple Developer Forums, and more.




Degree: Bachelor of Science | Computer Science
Muhlenberg College - Allentown, PA - 2001-2005



Cedonix Technologies
Logo Design

Cedonix is a leader in network services for small and medium-sized businesses, offering a proven service portfolio for customers looking for a wide range of products and services including simple monitoring services to complete outsourced IT solutions. Cedonix’s proactive services enable customers to lower IT service costs, usher in a new sense of business security and, foremost, provide customers peace of mind knowing their IT services are in trusted hands. Based in New York City Cedonix services all types of businesses with cutting edge technology solutions.


Barrington Brewery
Website Design | Squarespace Application


Since 1995 the Barrington Brewery has been serving our own Barn Brewed Beer and food made from scratch.  We were the first brewery on the east coast to install a solar panel system that supplies solar-heated hot water for brewing and restaurant use.